The Schiff bases of activated anilines with b-diketone have been synthesized.  The electron donating effects of methyl, methoxy and chloro groups, before and after coordination, were studied with the help of vibrational spectra and supported by UV-vis studies.  In these b-diketo-anils and their complexes, instead of a band in the region 1590–1620 cm-1 for C=N group, bands in the regions 1100–1300 cm-1 and 3100–3300 cm-1 were observed and were assigned to C-N and N-H bonds.  No significant band appeared for C=N in any of these ligands either in free or in coordinated forms.  It was concluded that unlike other aldehydes and ketones, b-diketone upon reacting with anilines form C=C-N-H bonding instead of producing C=N functional group

syeda rubina gilani ,