The Hartree-Fock-Dispersion (HFD) intermolecular pair potential describing the sperical interaction for H2 proposed by McConville has been used to calculate the viscosity coefficients for H2 theoretically.Since, other transport properties data for hydrogen rather than viscosity coefficients are scarce, we present the viscosity collision integrals with an uncertainty commensurate with the experimental accuracy. Eventually this accuracy in the viscosity collision integrals is also exist in the other collision integrals needed for obtaining related thermophysical properties. Three consecutive integrals for the calculation of viscosity collision integral have been carried out numerically. We come into force to adopt the aforesaid potential, since, it has been modified to reproduce accurately the equilibrium bulk properties such as second virial coefficients. Consequently, there is no doubt about the application of aforementioned potential to calculate the transport properties for Hz, because the calculated results are clearly adequate with experimental ones and has shown good agreement.