Physico-.chemical properties of soils in Kohat and Bannu districts of North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Pakistan, were determined for better management. Soil samples were collected from two depths i.e. 0-15 and 15-45 cm, respectively from 86 locations in Kohat and 73 in Bannu during 2004. Soil samples were analyzed, for various soil properties. Results showed that soils of Kohat district varied from clay to sandy loam at both depths with saturation percentage from 25.15 to 71.76 and 16.60 to 8264 % in upper and subsurface, respectively. Bulk density of the surface soil ranged from 1.10 to I .75 g cm3. Soil pH was found to be alkaline in both the depths. Electrical conductivity of these soils showed 14 % area as saline. Soils were found to be slightly strongly calcareous in both the depths. Organic matter content of the surface soil showed that 25 % samples were medium, whereas 75 % were low. In Bannu district, soil texture in both the depths ranged from clay to loamy sand. Saturation water percentage of the surface soils and subsoil ranged from 23.98 to 76.81 and 24.37 to 76.81 %, respectively. Bulk density of the surface soil ranged from 1.01 to 1.62 with an average of 1.31 g cm3. Soil pH showed alkaline reaction in both the depths. According to ECe and SAR, 21 % of soils were classified as saline and 4.1 % sodic in nature. Soils of both the depths were moderately to strongly calcareous. Twenty-six percent of the surface soils were low arid 74 % medium in organic matter.