Chromium was extracted from collected leather samples by two different methods and in the extracted solution chromi um was determined by U.V./Vis and atomic absorption methods. The chromium values in the extracted solution of both methods and using a rival SLC method were compared.Speciation studies were also carried out in this paper and were applied to the collected water samples. For spectrophotometric determination of Cr(III), benzohydroxamic acid (BHA) was chosen as chelating agent, while for Cr(VI), diphenylcarbazide was chosen. Limits of detection of the two methods was also investigated and was found to be 50 ppb for Cr(III) and 15 ppb forCr(VI). The interferences effect of Cr(vl) , CU ,Zn ,Mo(VI) and V(V)were also investigated on Cr(Ill) determination using BHA as a chelating agent.