Solutions of dibromomethane (DBM) in 2-nitrotoluene (2-NT) have been irradiated for 30 hours using a 1.11 x 10(10) Bq (Ra-Be) neutron source. Charged radioactive bromine species viz Br-80m, Br-80 and Br-82 of either sign were collected on charged plates kept at 175 V cm(-1) (D.C) during the end - 3 hours of irradiation. The anodic yields are invariably greater than the cathodic yields. All the anodic radiobromine activities increase first with increasing mole fraction (mf.) of 2-NT whereas the cathodic bromine:activities decrease and then reach plateau values. The cationic deposition was almost zero above 0.37 mf. of 2-NT. The results indicate that internal Conversion (I.C) and Auger processes are responsible for the formation of charged bromine species and that 2-NT plays an essential role in the electron picking up process leading to me creation of extra anionic bromine activities.