Carbon was produced from corncobs waste by physical and chemical activation and evaluated for their physical (bulk density), chemical (ash, pH), surface (surface area, pore size distribution), and adsorption properties for acid orange 7. Activation at 800 ·C increased the surface area with increase in pore size distribution. First order and parabolic intraparticle diffusion models were found to apply to the data, indicating the adsorption to be diffusion controlled. Rate constant increased with the increase in both the adsorption temperature and the activation temperature of the carbon. Thermodynamic parameters of adsorption ( h.E~, h.W and h.S~ ) were calculated from the kinetic data. The endothermic nature of the adsorption was indicated by the positive values of h.W . Negative values of !!>s' for adsorption, reflect decrease in the disorder of the system at the solid­solution interface during adsorption.