In this study, the dissociation constants of six antidiabetic drugs (rosiglitazon maleate, pioglitazone, glimepride, glibenclamide, gliclazide and glipizide) have been calculated by capillary electrophoresis (CE) technique in water from the mobilities of compounds at several pH values. The dissociation constant values of antidiabetics had been checked with the ones formerly decided withinside the literature and additionally with the statistics expected through the SPARC on-line calculator and ACDLAB. Also, easy, precise, green, accurate and completely validated CE technique for the analysis of glibenclamide in pharmaceutical medicine has been fully developed. The CE technique allowed quantitation over the ranges of 1.00-12.00 μg mL-1. The detection and quantitation limits were determined as 0.036 μg mL-1 and 0.083 μg mL-1 respectively. Rosiglitazone was used as an internal standard and short analysis time (< 3 min.) was observed. The developed capillary electrophoretic technique could be used for ordinary analysis of the glibenclamide and this method can also be used for pharmacokinetic studies.

Senem Şanlı, Seyfi Sardogan, Ayşe Özdemir and Barış Atalay