In present work groundwater and surface water samples are analyzed from taluka Daur, district Nawabshah, Sindh. 38 water samples of the study area were examined. The physico-chemical parameters of the water samples were found in the following ranges pH 6.64-8.18, total dissolved salts (TDS) 188-26752 mg/L, HCO3 27-5011 mg/L, total hardness (TH) 62-13200 mg/L, chloride 41-13953 mg/L, SO4 23-5122 mg/L, ortho-phosphate (P) 0.09-0.144 mg/L, total phosphate (P) 0.097-0.925 mg/L, NO2-N 0-0.662 mg/L, NO3-N 0.02-1.993 mg/L and dissolved oxygen 1.1-10.0 mg/L. The concentration of essential metal ions (Na, Ca, Mg, and K) was found in the ranges of 18-4600 mg/L, 12-3610 mg/L, 4-1308 mg/L and 3-570 mg/L, respectively. Only ten samples were found suitable and rest of the samples were unsuitable for human consumption. The study shows that the groundwater of the major portion of study area is not suitable for drinking purpose.