The influence of gamma- and (n, gamma-radiation on the cation exchange and the structure of zeolite and zeotype materials has been studied. Samples were subjected to different doses of gamma-irradiation varying between 0.5 and 10 MGy and Neutron irradiation flux varied from 1.14 x 10(17) to 3.88 x 10(17) n cm(.2). Structural effects consequent to gamma-irradiation were examined by X-ray diffraction, electron scanning micrograph and FTIR measurements. Neutron and gamma-irradiation did not lead any appreciable change in the structure, however, the displacement cations to ''locked-in sites results partial reduced barium and caesium uptake. The decrease of the intensities of the absorption bands of the hydroxy-groups reveals that gamma-irradiation has a strong dehydrating influence. The effect of gamma-radiation on UO22+ and Am3+ uptake into NH4-L and NH4-SAPO-34 was also observed. K-d of the uranyl ions increased with increasing pH up to 6.3. At pH> 3.5. the uranyl ions were precipitated, and consequently the K-d values were containued to increase.