In this paper, a fast detection method for pesticide residues was proposed, and the qualitative and quantitative detection of the pesticide could be got at once by the method of solution of multiple linear regression equations which were obtained by dual wavelength absorbance and fluorescence spectrometry with least squares method. Moreover, it could detect two kinds of mixed pesticides. Four selected pesticides, aldicarb, fenitrothion, fenvalerate, and chlorothalonil were detected by the method. The results shown that there were good linear relationship in the range of 0.01-1 ppm, and R2 > 0.90. And the method could 100% discriminate the four pesticide residues, the limit of detection was below 8 ppb both single one and mixed one. The recoveries of the pesticides in cabbage samples were observed 92.12%-107.50%. And the recoveries of the mixed pesticides in mineral water samples were observed 86.44%-114.10%. The preliminary study demonstrates that the proposed method has excellent potential application for the safety inspection of food.

Jing Huang, Jincan Lei, Shixian Zhao and Yan Li