Organochlorine pesticides (DOT, DOE, Heptachlor,A1drin,Dieldrin and HHC were detected in different food commodities like milk, fish, and vegetables supplied by water and sewerage board Karachi. Besides, few sample of shell fishes (shrimp, oyster and mussels) along with vegetables were purchased from market The most interesting finding were the presence of DDT in milk. In vegetable, milk and fish concentration of DDT was higher than other pesticides reflecting its accelerated use. General concentration of each chlorinated pesticide in above mentioned food except fish, was DDT 1.02 - 3.38 , DDE 0.01-0.80, Heptachlor 0.53-2.35, Dieldrin 1.20 - 3.56 and alpha BHC traces - 1.52 ng/g .The present study indicates that most of the food commodities sold in Karachi are not free from onganochlorinated pesticide residues.