Adsorption of    silver   on  bentonite  has    been  studied   by  using   batch-technique,   Distribution Co-officient (Kis)   were determined  for bentonite silver solution system  in natural water  as  a faction    of contact time,pH, adsorbent &  adsorbate concentration and  temperature.    Adsorption     data  have  been   interpreted in   terms  of  Freundlich   and  Langmuir   equations.    Thermodynamics   parameters    for    the    adsorption    have    been determined    at    three    temperatures. The value of DH* =       -3.62 KJ/mol  and DG* =  3.61 KJ/mol  at 298K suggests  that    the adsorption  of silver  on  bentonite is an  exothermic percent   De desorption   studies at  low    given  silver  loading  on  bentonite shows  that significant %age   d   the  element is irreversiblyadsorbed  due  to  the fixation of the  silver by isomophous replacement  in  the crystal lattice of    the adssorbent.