In this study, saturated solutions of Sr(OH)2 in pure water and in mixed solvent systems (methanol - water, ethanol - water, 1-propanol - water, and 2-propanol - water) at two temperatures were prepared and titrated with standard HCl solution by using pH metry. Using these titration data, the molar solubility (s), solubilty product (Ksp) and Gibbs free energy (Go), entropy change (ΔS°) and enthalpy change (ΔH°) for dissolution of strontium hydroxide was determined. At room temperature (20°C), the s, Ksp, ∆Go were found to be 4.28 x 10-2 mol L-1, 3.13 x 10-4 mol3L-3 and 19.70 kJ mol-1 respectively. The ΔH° and ΔS° of the reaction is 2.90 kJ mol-1 and – 60.80 J. mol-1 K-1. With increasing percentage content of organic solvent in mixed solvents, the molar solubility and Ksp decreased and ∆Go, ΔH° and ΔS° values increased. The results were correlated with the dielectric constant value of the solvents used in the study.

Shamsher Ali, Shabir Hussain, Irfan Ali and Syed Azhar Ali