Glasses used in this study are prepared economically at a relatively low melting temperature (650-750oC). Presence of alkalis such as Na2O works as a flux and enhances the melting process. A Simple comparative study between the effect of doping Cu2+ and/or Te4+ ions in lithium borate glasses before and after gamma irradiation has been discussed. Density, molar volume, optical UV transmittance, optical band gap energies, DC electrical conductivity and chemical durability of the prepared glasses are measured. It is found that doping with Cu2+ ions makes a disruption in the glassy network by increasing the number of non-bridging oxygens (NBO) forming a more open network structure. While doping with the fourfold Te4+ ions enhances the crosslinking of the glassy network giving more rigid structure since the relatively high molecular weights of Te4+ ions allow them to bond strongly with the glassy network. The last two assumptions can elucidate results obtained from the last measurements.

E. M. Abou Hussein