A noval chiral sec-amine/amidine-base hybrid catalyst, N [S-carbonylprolyl] cyclohexyl Amine is described, which is able to catalyze conjugate addition of 6-Methyl-4-hydroxypyran and 2-Hydroxy-naphthaquinone with various benzylideneacetones through Michael reactions that directly gives anticoagulant Warfarin analogues. These analogues were prepared in good yields (54–82%) and in good enantiomeric excess (50–75%). Identification of synthesized compounds was done by physio-chemical properties and spectral analysis (1H-NMR & 13C-NMR).These compounds were further investigated for their antimicrobial (antibacterial & antifungal) activities and DNA-binding studies. Antimicrobial studies were carried out by Disc Diffusion while DNA-binding studies were carried out by Cyclic Voltammetry and UV-Visible spectroscopy. These studies showed that the compounds showed significant interaction with DNA. Some analogues also imparted prominent antimicrobial activities.

Shaista Sabir and Naghmmana Rashid