The preparations are reported of the complexes of calcium and magnesium with amino acids; Glycine, beta-Alanine and L-Proline. The complexes have been characterized by elemental analyses. Esr spectra at both X- and Q-band are reported for manganese (II) ions doped in the lattices of these complexes, and the zero-field splitting parameters D and lambda(= E/D) are deduced. The D value observed for Ca(L-pro)(2)Cl-2 is consistent with a trans- CaO4Cl2 chromophore. Very small values of D observed for all the hydrated complexes suggest an MO6(2+) chromophore. Esr spectra of Mg[(Gly)(2)(H2O)(4)](NO3)(2) and Mg[(beta-Ala)(H2O)(4)]Cl-2, closely resemble that of previously reported zinc complex, Zn[(beta-Ala)(2)(H2O)(4)](NO3)(2), which contains octahedral structure with four water molecules and the beta-Alanine molecules occupying the trans-positions.