Kinetics of gas phase thermal decomposition of Methylcyclopropanemethanol (MCM) was studied over the temperature range 640-720 K and pressure between 4-16 torr using static system. Initial runs carried out in aged unpacked reaction vessel; yield small amount expected isomerization products i.e. cis and trans-2-methyl-1-buten-4-ol and 2-methy-2-buten-1-ol. Formed simultaneously with the isomeric products were large amount of other products that have clearly formed as the result of fragmentation reactions. In view of the complexities due to rapid secondary decomposition of initial reaction products it was decided only to determine the overall rate loss of methylcyclopropane methanol; this proved to be a first order, homogeneous, unaffected by the addition of nitric acid and probably unimolecular. First order rate constants were determined at six temperatures using 1.5 torr initial reactant. The Arrhenius parameters are given in the rate equation. K(totsl/s-1 =1014.8±1.7 exp(-248.2±12.1kj mol-1/RT) The results are compared with those for other cyclopropanes and mechanism considered likely to involve a biradical transition state