Asobaric acid (Vitamin C) is one of the most important ingredients of food, fruits, vegetables and many pharmaceutical tablets and preparation. A differential pulse voltammetric method has been develop for the analysis of ascorbic acid in acetate buffer. Effects of pH was studied on the determination of ascorbic acid. At lower pH one electron and at higher pH two electrons transfer reaction takes place. At higher pH sensitivity of the method increase significantly. Air (oxygen) and higher pH accelerate the decomposition of asobaric acid. Hanging mercury drop electrode (HMDE) was used for the determination of ascorbic acid as working electrode. Initial potential was 0-3V  with scan rate of 10mV/s and the peak appeared at about +0.005V. Ascorbic acid can be measured in the methods different pharmaceutical tablets were analysed for levels of Vitamin-C. after dissolution of tablets in water aliquots were taken into acetate buffer and determined applying the standard addition method. Different types of fruit juices were also analysed for Vitamin-C. Levels of ascorbic acid in juices were in the ranges of 24 to 225 mg/100 ml.