The formation of chlorotriaryl, and bromotriaryl antimony cations by the reactions of various triarylantimony dichlorides and triarylantimony dibromides with the halide ion accepters, iodine chloride, iodine bromide and antimonypentachloride, have been studied by conductometric titrations in acetonitrile. Formation of cations of type R(3)SbX(+) are not very common. R(3)SbCl(+) can only be formed amen me halide acceptor is SbCl5 and the complexes have the composition R(3)SbCl(2). 2SbCl(5) (= R(3)SbCl(+).Sb2Cl11. Evidence for the R(3)Sb Br+ cation is obtained from the conductometric titration of [(CH3)(2)C6H3](3) SbBr2 - IBr and from the formation of the solid adduct [(CH3)(2)C6H3](3) SbBr3I (=[(CH3)(2)C6H3](3) SbBr+IBr2-.