La doped phase-pure multiferroic BiFeO3 (BFO) was prepared by the co-precipitation method using precursor bismuth oxide and iron nitrate Nona hydrate. The pallets of pure BFO were sintered in the temperature range from 500 to 650 °C for 1h in air. The structure of as-synthesized powders and pallets were studied by Powder X-ray diffraction method. Surface morphology was characterized by the Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope and their dielectric properties were investigated as a function of sintering temperature and La doping. The DC electrical resistivity as a function of temperature was also measured. It is concluded that optimum sintering temperature is 500 °C to obtain pure phase of BFO. The grain size of the pallets was found to increase as a function of sintering temperature for the samples whereas grain size has decreased as a function of La doping. The pallets of both pure and La doped samples exhibited high AC resistivity, dielectric constant and low dielectric loss values.

Fazal Ullah, M.S. Awan, Z. Wazir, Irfan Sabir, A. ul Haq