Fourteen econometrics models have been developed to evaluate the effects of various flotation process variables like, Propylxanthate (X1 g/tonne), pH (X2,) Sodium Cyanide (X3 g/tonne), Sodium sulphide (X4 g/tonne), Frother (X5 g/tonne), Pulp density (X6 w/vol), and Conditioning time (X7 minute) on the copper recovery YR North Waziristan-NWFP Pakistan. Ordinary Least Square OLS method has been applied as an analytical technique for regression analysis. It has been concluded in this study that model given in equation 7 is best model among all. This equation shows that with the increase of one unit of X1, YR will increase 0.05 units keeping all other variables constant.

Sardar Ali ,