Flotation process parameters were studied to concentrate major chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) sulphide copper mineral of North Waziristan. The important flotation reagents i.e. collectors, depressant, dispersant, frother and conditioning time were examined. During stepwise of flotation parameters copper was enriched from 0.9 to 20 % in a single stage cleaning with recoveries over 83 %. In order to have an insight of combined effect of all the parameters on the recovery and grade of the final product, a numbers of experiments are required to be conducted. This approach requires time and resources and still the findings are not reliable. This is due to analysis of experimental data which is based on empirical techniques. Therefore it was suggested that a statistical techniques will be used to analyze the data to project the combined effect of flotation parameters.  Hence with the available data of seven parameters Mathematical Models were developed by applying ordinary least square, OLS method for regression analysis and adopted general to simple modeling procedure. Resulting Equation (3) is statistically significant which includes the process parameters type and dosage of xanthate (Propyl Xanthate), depressant (Sodium Cyanide), Sulphidizer, (Sodium Sulphide) and pulp density. This paper comprises of five parts Introduction, discussion, methodology used for modeling and testing of the model, conceptual model, results and discussions and at end conclusions were drawn.